Chicken broccoli and Cheddar

Chicken Broccoli and Cheddar

This main dish is a burst of flavor from the first bite to the last bite.  

2 tbs margarine
2 tbs flour
2 tsp chicken bouillon
1 tsp parsley
2 tbs dehydrated onions (optional)
4 ounces shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup fat free milk
1 cup sliced mushrooms (or 2 four ounce cans)
6 ounces cooked chicken, cubed
2 cups cooked broccoli
1 small jar pimentos 

Melt butter in saucepan. Blend in flour and dry ingredients. Add mlk a little at a time. Stir to keep smooth. COok and stir until thick. Remove from heat and add chicken, mushrooms, and pimentos. Arrange broccoli in 2 quart casserole sprayed with pam. Spoon chicken mixture over broccoli and top with shredded cheddar. Bake at 350* F for 30 minutes. 
Serves 4

Number of Servings: 4


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