Welcome to my recipe site!

This site was born out of a conversation I had many years ago while teaching a friend to cook and bake. She was frustrated because she was trying recipes that were just not good.  My comment to her was that as a cook you are only as good as your recipe.  I encouraged her to find recipes that she could trust and believe in.  Over the years I collected recipes that I could trust.  I have had them located in various blogs and websites, but decided to put them into one large collection.  Thus, Belief in the recipe!    It is also a play on the name of my weight loss website, belief in myself that I have had for many years. 

You can find recipes in many ways.   You can search by type of recipe at the top of the page.  (side dishes, main dishes, desserts, appetizers, more to come I'm sure)  You can also search according to the labels in the recipes, they will include some of the main ingredients.    Lastly, you can simply scroll through the collection.  Pick out what looks interesting and definitely try them out!  I'm sure you will fall in love with some of them!

 I will say that sometimes we tend to spend so much time preparing elaborate dishes that we forget the most simple way to eat our foods.  So don't forget the most simple ways to prepare foods!  One of my favorite ways to cook vegetables is to simply steam them.  I have a Presto Kettle Steamer   (Amazon affiliate) that we use a couple times a week.  Simple and easy, because some nights it just tastes the best to eat your vegetables in their more natural state.   I highly recommending buying this and if mine ever dies?  I'll be ordering one that same day!

Some of the recipes here are labelled 'healthy' or "indulgent'.  This labeling is subjective.  What is healthy to me may not be an option that you can eat and remain in a healthy state in your chosen diet.  Some of the indulgent recipes can be eaten responsibly by eating smaller portions.  So the labels are truly subjective!

This site is a work in progress.  I will definitely be continually adding recipes. (Both from my recipe files and as I try new recipes in my daily life)  I will be updating and adding pictures to existing recipe files and I will be working on adding nutritional values to recipes that may be missing this information.


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