Main Dish

Alfredo Sauce -  This is a healthy way to have a version of alfredo while trying to manage calories!

Alice Springs Chicken -  An at home substitute to the classic restaurant dish.
Alice Springs Chicken

Baked Corn
  -  This delicious way to prepare corn is perfect as a side dish OR as a main dish!

Baked Ziti -  This italian dish is on frequent rotation in our house.  You can add meat, but I like this dish as a vegetarian option.

Beans and Pasta (crockpot) -
Beans and Pasta in the crockpot

Beef (crockpot)  

Beef Stew (crockpot) -  Throw it in the crockpot and forget it until it's time to eat this flavorful meal!

Beef Stroganoff-  A healthier version of the classic dish

Brenda's Beef Casserole -

Buffalo Chicken - a nice spicy way to prepare chicken...can also be used as an appetizer

Burritos-  These are healthy and filling, what a wonderful combination!

Cajun Seafood Pasta - What could be better?  Scallops, shrimp and a rich sauce over noodles!
Cajun Seafood Pasta
Chicken Breast with Raspberry Sauce -

Chicken Broccoli Cheddar Bake -  This chicken dish is full of broccoli and flavor!

Chicken Dorito Bake -  Have your Doritos and eat them too!  This recipe sounds scary, but is quite delicious!

Chicken Enchiladas -  A favorite in my kitchen!
Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Pot Pie - A delicious Baked dinner!

Deep Dish Pizza Quiche - A delicious spin off of America's favorite meal!

Deep Dish Pizza Quiche
Diet Coke Chicken -  The easiest crockpot recipe you will ever find!

Fiesta Skillet  -  A pasta dish that is packed full of flavor of vegetables!

Fish and Chips -  A nice version of a classic dish!  And a bit healthier!

General Tso Chicken  - A healthier substitute for the Chinese restaurant favorite!

Glazed Chicken with Apples -

Hamburger Casserole -  An easy quick prep dish that is nutritional.

Hawaiian Chicken - A quick easy crockpot recipe

Homemade Hamburger Helper -  A rich creamy pasta dish that is reminiscent of a beef stroganoff, but without all the calories.
Homemade Hamburger Helper
Honey Garlic Chicken -

Pizza Dough - Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
Pesto Pizza with whole wheat pizza dough


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